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CEM ST-5302 DMM Small Resistance Kelvin 4-wire Meter

CEM ST-5302 DMM Small Resistance Kelvin 4-wire Meter  Price in Pakistan
CEM ST-5302 DMM Small Resistance Kelvin 4-wire Meter


This is a brand new CEM DT-5302 CE certified digital multimeter with 4 probe wires and back-light LCD display. This top-of-the-line device measures voltage up to 1000V (DC and AC), current, capacitance, and small resistance with great accuracy. The 4-wire configuration allows the small resistance measurement to range down to 400 milli-ohm at 0.1 milli-ohm resolution up to 200mA test current.
The back light 4000-count LCD screen allows you to read easily in the dark. The meter also comes with a heavy duty carrying case to protect your device when working in the field.


* Low resistance range: 0 - 40 Ohm
* Display: Large back light LCD with bar graph display
* Maximum output current: 200 mA at 400 mOhm range
* Sampling rate: twice per second
* Auto power off: after about 15 minutes of non-use
* Over range indicator
* Low battery indicator
* Min, Max hold functions


FunctionMax. RangeBasic Accuracy
Resistance400mΩ, 4Ω, 40Ω±(1%+5dig)
Voltage DC1000 V±(1.2%+5dig)
Voltage AC1000 V±(1.5%+10dig)
Current DC400mA±(1.5%+5dig)
Current AC400mA±(1.5%+5dig)

Product Details
Product NameCEM ST-5302 DMM Small Resistance Kelvin 4-wire Meter
PriceRs. 28,000/-

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