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Audionic MH-205 Mehfil Karaoke Mic

Audionic MH-205 Mehfil Karaoke Mic
Audionic MH-205 Mehfil Karaoke Mic
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Audionic's newest karaoke mini Bluetooth microphone is named Mehfil MH-205. The wireless microphone have built-in speakers that provide excellent sound output for a small audience. Furthermore, you can plug and play with USB connectivity and record your voice live. It provides you with the in-house karaoke experience like never before! 


Now perform karaoke with echo sound to make the voice quality much better.


It offers user Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth enable device.

USB Supported:

User can use a USB drive to directly play anything.

Rechargeable Battery:

It has a rechargeable battery which last for 4-5 hours.

Output Power:

Output Power: 3W x 2.

Live Recording:

Now you can record your voice via the live recording feature.

Product Details
Product NameAudionic MH-205 Mehfil Karaoke Mic
PriceRs. 2,220/-
General Specification
TypeMehfil Karaoke Mic

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