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Audionic MS-250 2.0 Monster CH Speaker

Audionic MS-250 2.0 Monster CH Speaker
Audionic MS-250 2.0 Monster CH Speaker
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  • Model: COAS-778
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Monster MS-250 is the newest edition in Audionic's Monster line up. A mixture of brute sound force and punchy bass makes it more than just a monster. 2.0 Configuration makes it easier to place and can be used for parties or movies.

MP5 Supported:

Makes it easier to play with reformatting, also provides a very good video output.


Audionic's state of the art bluetooth technology

USB Supported:

USB input for ease of connectivity

AUX Input:

Can also be connected via 3.5 mm aux input

LED Display:

Elegant digital display

Built-in FM Radio:

Bandwidth technology provides a crisp sound

Remote Control:

Makes it easier to control from a distance

Wireless Hand Mic:

Can also be used for karaoke or parties

Product Details
Product NameAudionic MS-250 2.0 Monster CH Speaker
PriceRs. 30,600/-
General Specification
TypeMonster CH Speaker

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