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Black & Decker TRO66 Toaster Oven 66 Liter

Black & Decker TRO66 Toaster Oven 66 Liter  Price in Pakistan
Black & Decker TRO66 Toaster Oven 66 Liter  Price in Pakistan
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Black & Decker TRO66 Toaster Oven 66 Liter Price in Pakistan
Black & Decker TRO66 Toaster Oven 66 Liter Price in Pakistan
Black & Decker TRO66 Toaster Oven 66 Liter


Ease of Use:

You will enjoy consistent, delicious results every time with this electric Oven. Now, you can take home an oven that senses and adapts to your needs to deliver the delicious results you want. This compact oven comes with a 66-liter capacity and a large window, completely suitable for grilling, baking and toasting. With its tabletop design, you can prepare your favorite food in a flash, never need to worry about the whole thing being bulky and too huge for your kitchen.

Electric Oven Type:

Featuring 2200 watts cooks food through the radiation of heat from a heating element that is either visible on the top and bottom of the oven. The heat waves created by this heating element bounce off the metal walls of the oven and cook the food contents. This ovens have the reputation of much more even temperature. They are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to find.

Unique Feature of Rotisserie:

No more getting burned by inconsistent roasting. Rotisserie is a great method to use for preparing delicious chicken. The chicken will have a reduced fat content because the fat drains off and it will not be sitting in the fat as it cooks. The fat will flavor and moisten the meat as it cooks and drips from the chicken. Rotisserie cooking, delivers chicken which is moist and flavorful with a nicely browned, crispy skin.

Interior Light and Timer:

This Electric Oven should meet all your needs and look beautiful doing it. The Brilliant Lit Interior provides an upscale look with premium interior design. In addition, this oven features a Timer. We think this is a great fallback feature. If you've ever set your oven timer and turned on the vacuum, the water or the TV, only to miss the buzzing long enough for your fish sticks to incinerate, you can appreciate the value of an oven that shuts itself off after the programmed cooking time has elapsed.


  • Power:2000W
  • Voltage:220-240V
  • Frequency:50-60Hz
  • Capacity:66L
  • Convection Function
  • Rotisserie & Rotisserie Handle
  • Range Hood Included : No
  • Installation Type : Free Standing
  • Fuel Type : Electric
  • Number of Burners : Unavailable
  • Height : 512 mm
  • Width : 462 mm
  • Capacity : Unavailable
  • Color : Black
  • Voltage : 220-240V
  • Frequency : 50-60Hz
  • Capacity 66L
  • Convection Function
  • Toast/Bake/Broil Function
  • Double Grill ...


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Product NameBlack & Decker TRO66 Toaster Oven 66 Liter
PriceRs. 29,925/-

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