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Black Copper | Anti-theft Gate (pair) E1

Black Copper | Anti-theft Gate (pair) E1
Black Copper | Anti-theft Gate (pair) E1
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EAS Stand Clothing Security Tag System with EAS RF Anti-theft Gate and 58kHz Acrylic Antenna, CE Mark:

  • DSP digital processing technology, digital signal processing, the use of high-speed digital to analog converter, multiple sampling technology, big big improve the system detection rate, alarm accuracy high, stable performance
  • Soft hard label operating method choice effectively distinguish
  • Identity identification technology: in emission modulation editing identity information identification code, different traditional frequency hopping
  • Advanced pulse AGC technology and at the same time, double screening AGC adaptation ability is stronger
  • The main function by DSP chip and intelligent application software control
  • High-permeability filter enhance the ability to resist electric field interference
  • Advanced the wrong frequency technology, realization near distance is not online, avoid similar products interference
Product Details
Product NameBlack Copper | Anti-theft Gate (pair) E1
PriceRs. 30,000/-
Size158 x 43 x 7cm
Detection zonesDetection door distance: 1.2 meters (soft label), 1.8 meters (hard tags) single on both sides of a total of 1.6 to 2.4 meters
Materialaluminum profile

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