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Black Copper Industrial Handheld Data Terminal BC-PDR-100

Black Copper Industrial Handheld Data Terminal BC-PDR-100
Black Copper Industrial Handheld Data Terminal BC-PDR-100
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Black Copper BC-PDR-100 UHF handheld data terminal was marked with compact size, portability, durability,functionality and flexibility, which is customized for enterprise administrative personnel and mobile staff, as well as business application and IT demands. BC-PDR-100 UHF integrates UHF read/write module, scanning engine, GSM/ WCDMA/CDMA2000, GPS, Bluetooth, WI-FI, etc.
When using UHF data collection with larger capacity 8400mAh (max.)rechargeable li-ion battery, the working life has been overall improved. Adopting smart power management, users can check information at anytime such as battery information, working life, remaining battery, battery charging status. A set of advanced data capture module in various business fields can obtain abundant and accurate data automatically, matching the verified module with responsive staff. You can now choose  either 1D laser scanner with highest performance or 2D imager scanner capable of collecting 1D/2D barcodes to meet the high demand for barcode scanning.
Black Copper BC-PDR-100 UHF adopts industrial standard, a great amount of mobile solutions can be achieved with this device. Workers can enjoy a convenient and light-hearted working state with this model. The reduced deployment complexity greatly saves the operational cost, as well as significantly improves the work efficiency. For that, Black Copper BC-PDR-100 UHF can bring you the greatest return on investment.


  • Higer Power UHF System
  • Dual-battery S ystem
  • HI-speed Barcode 2D/1D
  • Plug&Play FP. Adapter
  • Larger Display 3.5"
  • 3G Connectition Options
  • USB Host Mode Ready
  • Familiar Windows CE

Product Details
Product NameBlack Copper Industrial Handheld Data Terminal BC-PDR-100
PriceRs. 54,050/-
General Specification
Dimension192 × 87× 151mm

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