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Bosch GOL 26 D Optical Level

Bosch GOL 26 D Optical Level  Price in Pakistan
Bosch GOL 26 D Optical Level  Price in Pakistan
Bosch GOL 26 D Optical Level Price in Pakistan
Bosch GOL 26 D Optical Level Price in Pakistan
Bosch GOL 26 D Optical Level
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  • Brand: Bosch
  • Model: HASW-433


The Bosch Gol 26 D Optical Site Level has been designed for the experienced and novice users, with a build quality worth of the Bosch.
Enhance the precision, ease and efficiency of your work. Bosch measuring and layout tool product categories include distance and angle
measuring, laser layout/leveling, and thru-wall detection.

Bosch GOL26D + BT160 + GR500 Optical Level Kit with a sturdy professional tripod and telescopic rod, this kit is designed for outdoor use as the GOL26D is built with a rugged metal housing and IP44 dust and splash protection. Bosch GOL26D Levels have a built-in target collimator and integrated circular vial, this kit includes a useful carrying case with compensator lock for safe easy transportation, other features of this professional GOL26D Optical Level include:


  • Target collimator for rough alignment
  • Penta prism makes it easy to read the circular vial
  • Large focusing knob for easy alignment
  • Fast aperture for a sharp image of the target (measuring rod)
  • High precision (1.6 mm/30 m) over long distances
  • Endless angle setting using knobs on both sides with friction -braked rotation
  • Erect image


  • Large aperture 26x-power lens - allows more light for a sharper image and excellent magnification
  • Self-leveling compensator with transport lock - protects pendulum in carrying case against damage and loss of calibration
  • Both horizontal/vertical crosshairs and stadia lines - measures level, alignment and estimates distance
  • Magnetic dampening system - quickly settles the system and reduces the effects of job site vibration
  • Large Aperture - Allows more light for a sharper image
  • 26x-Power Lens for excellent magnification
  • Circular Bubble Vial with 90-Degree Mirror for easy and fast set-up

Product Details
Product NameBosch GOL 26 D Optical Level
PriceRs. 42,900/-
Accuracy1.6 mm at 30 m
Weight1.5 kg
Storage temperature-20 – 70 °C
Units of Measurement360 degrees
General Specification
Dust and Splash ProtectionIP 54
Magnification26 x
Operating Temperature-10 – 50 °C
WorkingRange ; up to 100 m

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