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Chint NM8-1250 S 4 pole MCCB

Chint NM8-1250 S 4 pole MCCB
Chint NM8-1250 S 4 pole MCCB
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Thermomagnetic type / electronic / magnetic type. Adjustable thermal and adjustable with magnetic tripod. 2P 3P 4P available. Applicable to AC / DC. Breaking capacity of 5 classes, from 25 kA to 150 kA. Ics = 100% Icu (In 630A), Ics = 150% Icu (In> 630A). Circuit and auxiliary switches comply with the following international standard: IEC / EN 60947-1: general standards, IEC / EN 60947-2: circuit breakers, IEC / EN 60947-3: switches, disconnectors, switches, etc. IEC / EN 60947-4: Contactor and motor start-up, IEC / EN 60947-5.1 and following controls: control circuit devices and switching elements, automatic control components. NM8 also meets the specifications of marine classification companies.

  • Thermomagnetic type / electronic type / magnetic type.
  • Heat adjustable and adjustable.
  • 2P 3P 4P available.

Product Details
Product NameChint NM8-1250 S 4 pole MCCB
PriceRs. 0/-
Number of Poles4
General Specification
Ampere RatingIcu 380-415 VAC : 50kA
Trip Curve TypeThermal
Voltage1250 volts

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