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Chint NXM-250 H Type 3 Pole MCCB

Chint NXM-250 H Type 3 Pole MCCB
Chint NXM-250 H Type 3 Pole MCCB
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Next series circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical circuits from overload and short circuit currents. The devices of the Next series have passed all the necessary ones and comply with the requirements of GOST 50030.2 -2010 (IEC 60947-2: 2006). NXM circuit breakers are designed for currents from 25 to 1600A and have 3 classes of breaking capacity (from 25kA to 100kA)


  • Circuit breakers can be used to distribute electric energy.
  • start asynchronous motors infrequently.
  • protect power lines and motors, and automatically cut off circuits when they are severely overloaded or short-circuited or under-voltage faults.
  • Their functions are equivalent to fuses.
  • Combination of a switch and an overheat thermal relay.
  • Moreover, it is generally not necessary to change parts after breaking the fault current.

Product Details
Product NameChint NXM-250 H Type 3 Pole MCCB
PriceRs. 9,600/-
General Specification
Ampere RatingIcu 380-415 VAC : 50kA

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