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Circutor CVM-C10-Flex Panel-Mounted Power Analyzer

Circutor CVM-C10-Flex Panel-Mounted Power Analyzer  Price in Pakistan
Circutor CVM-C10-Flex Panel-Mounted Power Analyzer
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  • Brand: CIRCUTOR
  • Model: MTAM-0409


Compact and versatile power analyser, with 4-quadrant measurement (Consumption and Generation), suitable for High, Medium and Low-Voltage installations, since it can process high voltage:current transformation ratios of up to 2000 A. Measures current with flexible Rogowski sensors.

Capable of adapting to any type of electrical network topology, from single-phase lines, two-phase lines with or without neutral to three-phase lines with or without

Neutral. The CVM-C10-Flex calculates the sensitivity of the measurement range scale automatically, according to the nominal value of the detected current, up to a full-scale of 2000 A. (Twice the full-scale value of measured current, 1000 A).

The flexible sensors feature a magnetic lock, which allows the sensors to be sealed. They are robust and can withstand frequent assembly and disassembly procedures, thanks to these magnetic lock.

Quick installation on distribution panels or switchboards of the unit, thanks to its flexible current sensors. Self-adjustment of the scale sensitivity. Does not require the current primary to be programmed. (1000 A by default, factory setting). Remote correction of errors associated with the incorrect connection of the unit to the electrical installation via remote communication systems (PowerStudio).

Display Features And Interface:

  • Backlit keypad (capacitive) 
  • Analogue display for instantaneous parameters (power, maximum power reached and cos φ or PF) 
  • Backlit display 
  • Cost by tariff 
  • Operating time indicator for preventive maintenance.

The Unit Has The Following Functions:

  • Recording of the energy consumption from three different sources:
  • network, generator set or photovoltaic energy generation system. 
  • Selection of tariffs with digital inputs. Perfect for calculating costs in three different work shifts.


  • Management Systems that require roaming measuring points.
  • Distribution panels or switchboards that cannot stop the installation of a measuring unit.


Product Details
Product NameCircutor CVM-C10-Flex Panel-Mounted Power Analyzer
PriceRs. 56,000/-
Altitudemax : 2000 m
Safety StandardCAT III 300 V according to EN 61010 | Double-insulated electric shock protection, Class II
Active EnergyClass 0,5S (≥ 0,1 In) acc. to IEC 62053-22
Relative Humidity5 ... 95%
Degree of protectionFront panel: IP 51 (IP 64 with accesory) Rear: IP 21
EnclosureVO self-extinguishing plastic
Input Current4 (for Flex-Mag flexible sensors)
ProtocolModbus RTU / BACnet (RS-485)
Power Supply Voltage85...265 Vac / 95...300 Vdc | 20...120 Vdc (SDC model)
Reactive EnergyClass 1 (≥ 0,1 In) acc. to IEC 62053-24
General Specification
CurrentFlex-Mag flexible sensors 1000 A / 100 mV
Digital InputTwo : Tariff selection or external alarms NPN, optocoupled
Frequency50...60 Hz
Operating Temperature-5...+45 ºC
PowerV, A : 0,5%
Relay OutputTwo : Max. / Min / NO/NC / Hysteresis / Interlocking 250 Vac, 6 A
Sampling64 samples/cycle
Speed9600, 19200
StandardBS EN 61000-6-4, BS EN-61000-6-2, IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 62053-22 (Class 0,5S), IEC 62053-24 (Class 1), IEC 61000, IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 610004-11, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 610004-5, Measurement according to MID, UL certification
Voltage300 V ac Ph-N / 520 V ac Ph-Ph
Dimensions96.7 x 96.7 x 63.4 mm
Digital outputTwo : S0 Interface Configurable, up to 1000 impulses 2 NPN Transistors (Only in version 3 TS) (24 Vdc max, 50 mA, 16 imp/s, Max Ton/Toff configurable)

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