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Circutor MYeBOXX-1500A Portable Power Analyzer

Circutor MYeBOXX-1500A Portable Power Analyzer  Price in Pakistan
Circutor MYeBOXX-1500A Portable Power Analyzer
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  • Brand: CIRCUTOR
  • Model: PAFP-21

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MYeBOXhas more than 500 parameters and it is a range of portable analyzers that can be configured from an app that analyses the accessible electrical parameters remotely. MYeBOX measures and records the electrical parameters in single, two or three-phase installations (with and without neutral).

The most advanced model, MYeBOX 1500, can measure the leakage current simultaneously, it can measure the network quality parameters in compliance with the EN 50160 standard and also record the transients.



  • V, A, M/KW, M/Kva, PF, Hz, M/KWh, M/Kvarh, M/Kvah, M/KvarLh, M/KvarCh M/kvarL, M/kvarC, φ
  • Vph-N, Vph-ph, Hours, Cost, kgCO2
  • Harmonic V& I (up to the 51st order), THD V, THDA
  • Crest factor, K-factor, Inst. Flicker (WA), PST flicker (%)
  • Maximum Demand ( ) M/kW, M/kVA, A
  • 4 current measurement inputs (I1, I2, I3, In), 4 voltage measurement inputs (U1, U2, U3, Un)
  • Measurement of the main electrical parameters
  • Energy consumed and generated
  • Measurement of network quality parameters
  • True RMS measurement (TRMS)
  • Measurement of consumption and generation (4Q)
  • Voltage quality event log, according to EN 61000-4-30, Transients log
  • Recording of the wave shape associated with the quality events and transients
  • Measurement according to EN 61000-4-30
  • The power supply is independent of the measurement
  • Recording of the wave shape for each recording period
  • LCD Screen, Capacitive keypad, Micro-USB port to download data
  • Automatic detection of clamps
  • Identification of phases with colours
  • Compatible with clamps with EEPROM
  • Recording of system events (EVA)
  • NTP synchronisation
  • Sending of alarms via e-mail
  • 3G communications, Wi-Fi communications (access point/terminal)
  • 1 voltage measurement input Uref, 1 leakage current measurement input
  • 2 transistor inputs to centralise impulses/tariff/state, 2 transistor outputs for alarms
  • Prepare complete studies of an electrical installation.
  • Perform audits and analyses remotely.
  • Analyse consumption, load curves, disturbances in the installation's voltage, display wave shapes,  harmonics study or flicker measurement, among other options



  • MYeBOX-1500A - 3 FLEX-R45 WiFi + 3G
  • MYeBOX-1500A - 4 FLEX-R45 WiFi + 3G
  • MYeBOX-1500A - 3 FLEX-R80 WiFi + 3G
  • MYeBOX-1500A - 4 FLEX-R80 WiFi + 3G
  • MYeBOX-1500A - 3 CPG-100  WiFi + 3G
  • MYeBOX-1500A - 3 CPRG-500 WiFi + 3G



Circutor MYeBOX Portable Power Analyzer

Product Details
Product NameCircutor MYeBOXX-1500A Portable Power Analyzer
PriceRs. 121,520/-
Input Consumption25... 31 VA
Rated VoltageInput Rated voltage: 100...250 Vac. Output Rated Voltage: 9 Vdc
General Specification
Weight975 gr
Dimensions165.96 x 255.68 x 40 mm
Input frequency47...63 Hz

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