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Circutor PowerStudio Software SCADA

Circutor PowerStudio Software SCADA  Price in Pakistan
Circutor PowerStudio Software SCADA
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  • Brand: CIRCUTOR
  • Model: PAFP-14


Energy supervision software for buildings and industrial installations, with the possibility of viewing reports, layouts and single-line diagrams. Other functions include:

  • The remote parameterisation of the units
  • Real-time display of parameters
  • Recording and printout of logs in table or graphic format
  • Multi-station Web Server and integrated XML Server
  • Creation of access users and profiles for the application with user name and password
  • Great versatility and very simple use
  • Compatible with OPC software for PS/PSS
  • Custom event configuration (Alarms, Calculations, Sending Emails)
  • Construction of customised screens
  • Possibility of performing control actions on the units
  • Report generator and energy bill simulator module, Possibility to emulate tariffs or time periods
  • The parameterisation of custom calculations to obtain EnPIs
  • Comparison of historical data stored in the system
  • Management of multi-point remote systems in combination with EDS and EDS-3G data servers
  • Compatible with the 32 and 64-bit Windows 7 and 8 platforms
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Product NameCircutor PowerStudio Software SCADA
PriceRs. 140,000/-

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