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Brand: Autonics
OVERVIEW:The PA10 series sensor controllers offer high performance control with various operation modes. The PA10 series features high-speed output response and convenient installation with both DIN rail and panel mount options. The PA10 series is available in general-purpose type, 2-channel type, a..
Brand: Autonics
OVERVIEW:The PA-12 series sensor controllers feature 8-pin plugs for simple socket plug-in type connection. The sensor controllers offer dual 110/220 VAC voltage, for application in diverse settings. The series also offers high contact capacity and options for N.O. or N.C. relay outputs. Users can e..
Autonics SPC1-35 Single Phase Power Controller
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Brand: Autonics
OVERVIEW:The SPC1 series single phase power controllers offer reliable and stable power control. The units can handle various control inputs and feature various control modes (phase control, cycle control, ON/OFF control). The controllers also feature various functions including output adjustment fu..
DFROBOT DFR0116 USBtinyISP-Arduino bootloader programmer
OVERVIEW:This is a USB AVR programmer supported by offical Arduino IDE. Once the Arduino has lost its bootloader for some reasons, use this programmer to reburn the bootloader and save the dead Arduino. This programmer works really well for ATmega168 and ATmega328 and should work with all th..
Lutron GSM-889 System Controller (900/1800 MHz)
Brand: Lutron
FEATURES:Control/Alarm/Monitor via GSM with no distance limitation8 channels RS232 input, 8 relay outputs, 8 switch inputs.8 channels RS232 input can cooperate full line LUTRON instruments (build RS232 output)It will display the real value with the measuring unit on mobile phoneAnalog channel Hi/Lo ..
OVERVIEW:Ramps is short for reprap Arduino mega pololu shield, it is mainly designed for the purpose of using pololu stepper driven board (similar to 4988 driven board). Ramps can only work when connected to its mother board Mega 2560 and 4988/DRV8825. Owning to its stability in operation and..
Brand: Microchip
OVERVIEW:USB (Full speed 12 Mbits/s interface to host PC)Real-time executionMPLAB IDE compatible (free download from Microchip)Built-in over-voltage/short circuit monitorFirmware upgradeable from PC/web downloadTotally enclosedDiagnostic LEDs (power, busy, error)Read/write program and data memory of..
Chipmax Universal Device Programmer For PC/USB
Brand: EETools
OVERVIEW:ChipMax2 is a low cost and high-performance universal device programmer for PC USB 2.0/3.0 interface. It programs a 64 Mbit flash memory in 42 seconds. ChipMax2 supports over 13000 programmable devices with low voltage (1.8 V). ChipMax2 is the state-of-art universal programmer offers you th..
OVERVIEW:Full Support LCD TV FLASH drivers read and write unlimited capacity TSOP48 nand FLASH EMMC TSOP56 pin TOP8-16 pin Support CAR DVD, SMART TV.The Only universal programmer which can automatically detect chip number for all Chips.The only universal programmer which can put ic in any position a..
OVERVIEW:Mini Pro TL866CS USB BIOS Universal ProgrammerProduct Features AVR series, Single-Chip,High speed programming PIC series 8-bit micro controllerProgramming Serial 24 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 93 seriesProgramming High-performance BIOS programmerSupport WIN2000 / WINXP / WIN2003 / WIN2008 / VISTA / Wi..
OVERVIEW:Now you can get all the great features and functionality of the full sized CC3D flight controller board but at about 1/2 the size!Features:The CC3D provides a crisp feel when flying tricopters, quads, hexas, octocopters, and even fixed wing planes.Powerful STM32 32-bit micro-controller runn..
OVERVIEW:2-4S 30A RC Brushless ESC Simonk Firmware Electric Speed ControllerWorking current: 30A, BEC output: 5V 3Afor 2 to 4s Lipo Battery DIY RC Multicopter Quadcopter AccessoriesCompatible for:  DIY KK MK MWC RC Quadcopter Hexacopter Multi-Rotor Aircraft; 210 360 450 Helicopter; 380 f450 f55..
Brand: Microchip
OVERVIEW:The PIC16F72 range of microcontrollers from Microchip are 8-bit MCUs that incorporate Microchip’s PIC® architecture into a variety of pin and package options, from space efficient 14-pin devices to feature-rich 64-pin devices. Devices with Baseline, Mid-Range or Enhanced Mid-Range architect..
OVERVIEW:The RT809 RT809F BIOS Programmer Serial ISP Programmer in Pakistan  is a special, universal and versatile Programmer dedicated for Repair and used in Manufacturing Production, Programming thousand of Memory IC's (24, 25, 26 family  and 93 family) and MCUs (Atmel, Windbond, ALTERA,..
OVERVIEW:The STM32L-DISCOVERY and 32L152CDISCOVERY kits help you to discover the STM32L ultra low power features and to develop and share your applications.Features:STM32L - 152RBT6 (128 KB Flash memory, 16 KB RAM, 4 KB EEPROM) or STM32L152RCT6 (256 KB Flash memory,32 KB RAM, 8 KB EEPROM) microcontr..
OVERVIEW:Pixhawk is an advanced autopilot system designed by the PX4 open-hardware project. It features advanced processor and sensor technology from ST Microelectronics and a NuttX real-time operating system, delivering incredible performance, flexibility, and reliability for controlling any autono..
OVERVIEW:Explore, Get latest Atmel ATTINY85-20PU Microcontroller & other electronic components at discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We provide Atmel ATTINY85-20PU Microcontroller at official prices from distributor and dealers in..
Genius G540 USB Universal Programmer
OVERVIEW:G540 Programmer for EPROM FLASH GAL AVR PIC, Supports SST Maconix Winbond SPI Flash and over 4,000+ devices. Features:40-Pin ZIF socket.USB communication. USB powered, no external power supply. Is very convenient to use.The software is compatible with Windows..
Genius G840 Universal Programmer
OVERVIEW:Genius G840 Universal Programmer(USB  communication, 40 pin locking place, accurate entire actuation, Dimensions: 140 mm×110 mm×25 mm, power   source: 9 V/1000 mA) Features:40 pins accurate entire actuation.  Complet..
OVERVIEW:Explore, Get latest ATmega16 Microcontroller & other electronic components at a discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We provide ATmega16 Microcontroller at official prices from distributor and dealers in Pakistan.  ..
OVERVIEW:Explore, Get latest ATmega32 AVR Microcontroller & other electronic components at a discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We provide ATmega32 AVR Microcontroller at official prices from distributor and dealers in Pakistan. ..
OVERVIEW:This powerful (200 nanosecond instruction execution) yet easy-to-program (only 35 single word instructions) CMOS FLASH-based 8-bit microcontroller packs Microchip's powerful PIC® architecture into a 40- or 44-pin package and is upwards compatible with the PIC16C5X, PIC12CXXX and PIC..
OVERVIEW:The AT89S52 comes from the popular 8051 family of Atmel Microcontrollers. It is an 8-bit CMOS microcontroller with 8K as Flash memory and 256 bytes of RAM. Since it is similar to the trustworthy 8051 architecture these microcontrollers are as per industry standard. It has 32 I/O pin..
Open18F4520 Standard PIC Development Board
OVERVIEW:Open18F4520 is a PIC development board that features a PIC18F4520 device as the micro controller. It supports further expansion with various optional accessory boards for specific application. The modular and open design makes it the ideal for starting application development with PIC micro..
USB 4-Digit PC Analyzer Diagnostic Card Motherboard Tester
OVERVIEW:This new Computer Analyser Diagnostic Card (also called POST--Power On Self Test) is a powerful testing equipment for Laptop & desktop with 25 pin printer port. It is known that the BIOS will automatically initialize and test the I/O setup of the mainboard configuration and send the tes..
OVERVIEW:USBasp is a USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers. It simply consists of an ATMega8 and a few passive components. The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver, no special USB controller is needed. AVR:According to Atmel, AVR stands for nothing, it's ..
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