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Amplifier ICs

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OVERVIEW:Drives LEDs, LCDs or Vacuum FluorescentsBar or Dot Display Mode Externally Selectable by userExpandable to Displays of 100 StepsInternal Voltage Reference from 1.2V to 12VOperates with Single Supply of Less than 3VInputs Operate Down to GroundOutput Current Programmable from 2 mA to 30 mANo..
OVERVIEW:The LM741 series are general-purpose operational amplifiers which feature improved performance over industry standards like the LM709. They are direct plug-in replacements for the 709C, LM201, MC1439, and 748 in most applications. The amplifiers offer many features which make their ..
OVERVIEW:Explore find out latest SE125 IC Amplifier products & other electronic components at a discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We are official distributors of SE125 IC Amplifier in Pakistan..
OVERVIEW:The LM324 series are low−cost, quad operational amplifiers with true differential inputs. They have several distinct advantages over standard operational amplifier types in single supply applications. The quad amplifier can operate at supply voltages as low as 3.0 V or as high as 32..
OVERVIEW:The STK465 is a Hybrid IC made by the Sanyo Corporation of Japan. It is one in a group of three consisting of STK461, an STK463, with the same pinout equivalence. This Stereo Amplifier chip comes in a 16 pin 4016 package. It is an IMST Hybrid first developed by Sanyo in 1969. The outline pa..
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