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Max 232 16 Pin IC

Max 232 16 Pin IC  Price in Pakistan
Max 232 16 Pin IC
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The MAX-232 IC is an integrated circuit that consists of 16 pins and it is a resourceful IC mostly used in the voltage level signal problems. Generally, the MAX-232 IC is used in the RS232 communication system for the conversion of voltage levels on TTL devices that are interfaced with the PC serial port and the Microcontroller. This IC is used as a hardware layer converter like to communicate two systems simultaneously. The image of MAX232 is shown below.

The MAX-232 IC is used to exchange the TTL/CMOS logic to RS232 logic levels through the serial communication of Microcontroller with the personal computers.

The microcontroller operates at the TTL logic levels with the voltage of 0-5v, and the serial communication with PC works on the RS232 with the volts of -25V to +25V. The difference of voltage will become the makes difficult to establish the communication with each other.

The in-between links are provided through the MAX232 interface, it is a transmitter/receiver which includes the voltage generator to the supply of RS232 voltage levels through the 5V supply. The RS232 input converts to 5V TTL/COMS level through these receivers, i.e. R1 and R2 do not exclude the +-30V. The transmitters T1 and T2 are used to convert the TTL/COMS input levels to RS232 level.

The transmitter obtains input from the microcontrollers and microprocessors through serial transmission pins and the output is given to the receiver of RS232. The receiver on the other side obtains the input from transmission pin of RS232 serial port and the output is given to the receiver pin of the microcontroller. The external capacitor is added to the MAX232 with a range of 1µF to 22µF.

Key Features:

  • Saves Board Space
  • Integrated Charge Pump Circuitry
  • Eliminates the Need for a Bipolar ±12V Supply
  • Enables Single Supply Operation from +5V Supply
  • Integrated Capacitors (MAX223, MAX233, MAX235, MAX245–MAX247)
  • Saves Power for Reduced Power Requirements
  • 5µW Shutdown Mode


  • Interface Translation
  • Multidrop RS-232 Networks
  • Portable Diagnostics Equipment

Product Details
Product NameMax 232 16 Pin IC
PriceRs. 100/-
data rate120 (kbps) (min)
General Specification
Number of pins16 pins

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