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DC Gear Motor

DC Gear Motor  Price in Pakistan
DC Gear Motor
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  • Model: ROKI-06


This gear motor wheel is perfect for your next robotics project. This gear box is ideal for robotic car or line-tracing robot. With plastic construction and colored in bright yellow, the DC gear motor measures approx. 2.5 inch long, 0.85 inch wide and 0.7 inch thick . The wheel can be mounted on either side and the gearmotor works well between 4V to 7V (recommended 6 Volts). At a ratio of 1:48 you can get some really good torque at 5 Volts.

Product Details
Product NameDC Gear Motor
PriceRs. 150/-
Operating Voltage3V ~ 6V DC (recommended value 5V)
General Specification
No Load current190mA(max.250mA)
Speed without load90±10rpm

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