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TES AS932F Coating Thickness Gauge Composite Smart Sensor

TES AS932F Coating Thickness Gauge Composite Smart Sensor  Price in Pakistan
TES AS932F Coating Thickness Gauge Composite Smart Sensor
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  • Brand: TES
  • Model: MTAM-0351


The coating thickness gauge can non-destructively measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic metal substrates ( such as iron and hard magnetic steel) (such as aluminum, chromium, copper, tantalum, rubber, paint, etc.) and non-magnetic metal substrates (such as The thickness of the non-conductive coating on copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, etc. (such as: tantalum, rubber, paint, plastic, etc.). The coating thickness gauge has the characteristics of small measurement error, high reliability, good stability and easy operation. It is an indispensable instrument for controlling and ensuring product quality. It is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing, chemical industry, Inspection areas such as commodity inspection.


  • More widely measuring range: 0-1700um
  • Both with zero point calibration and multi-point calibration
  • Automatically identify sustrate material and display on the LCD
  • Large screen, and with max 20 store data
  • Statistics display: Max, Min, Avg
  • Button is simple, easy to operate, one-hand operation
  • Convenient automatic calibration function
  • Automatic correction function to prevent misuse calibration
  • Dynamically adapt to environmental features
  • V shaped groove suitable for measurements on cylindrical parts
  • Specail probe structure comes with better stability
  • "Beep" sound when measurement or calibration is completed
  • 180 degree flip for easy read data with top surface

Product Details
Product NameTES AS932F Coating Thickness Gauge Composite Smart Sensor
PriceRs. 16,200/-
Measuring range0~1500um
Resolution0.1um (0-99um) ; 1um (100-1500um)
Working temperature0°C~50 °C
General Specification
Accuracy±(1.8% um±2um) (0-500um)±(2.2% um±2um) (500-1500um)
Measurement Repeatability±1um 0-500um±2um 500-1500um
Operating Temperature0℃~50℃(without strong magnetic)
Power Supply2*1.5V AAA battery
Measuring PrincipleMagnetic and eddy current thickness measurement

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