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HC-05 Bluetooth Module

HC-05 Bluetooth Module  Price in Pakistan
HC-05 Bluetooth Module
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HC-05 module is an easy to use Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Protocol) module, designed for transparent wireless serial connection setup.Serial port Bluetooth module is fully qualified Bluetooth V2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) 3Mbps Modulation with complete 2.4GHz radio transceiver and baseband. It uses CSR Bluecore 04-External single chip Bluetooth system with CMOS technology and with AFH(Adaptive Frequency Hopping Feature). It has the footprint as small as 12.7mmx27mm. Hope it will simplify your overall design/development cycle.


  • It is used for many applications like wireless headset, game controllers, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard and many more consumer applications.
  • It has range up to <100m which depends upon transmitter and receiver, atmosphere, geographic & urban conditions. 
  • It is IEEE 802.15.1 standardized protocol, through which one can build wireless Personal Area Network (PAN). It uses frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio technology to send data over the air.
  • It uses serial communication to communicate with devices. It communicates with microcontroller using a serial port (USART).


Product Details
Product NameHC-05 Bluetooth Module
PriceRs. 500/-
General Specification
Commercial SeriesBluetooth module board Series
Input Voltage3.3~6V

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