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STP 78569 Super Concentrated Gas Treatment

STP 78569 Super Concentrated Gas Treatment  Price in Pakistan
STP 78569 Super Concentrated Gas Treatment
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  • Brand: STP
  • Model: WD-24


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Want to maximize fuel efficiency and avoid problems such as rough idling, weak acceleration, stumbling and stalling? STP fuel additive products can help. Our redesigned fuel additive bottles are compatible with cap-less fuel tanks. STP Super Concentrated Gas Treatment helps restore lost fuel efficiency by dissolving fuel injector and carburetor deposits. With twice the cleaning agents of our regular STP gas treatment, this super-concentrated gas treatment quickly improves the quality of gas. Powerful cleaning agents fight the accumulation of harmful carbon, gum and varnish deposits in the fuel system that can reduce performance. Also engineered to remove water, which can lead to fuel line freeze. This product is made with jet fuel, a high-quality carrier of active ingredients.


  • Adds concentrated cleaning power to gas
  • Helps save gas by keeping fuel intake system clean
  • Prevents deposit buildup
  • Helps prevent fuel line freezes
  • Compatible with cap-less fuel tanks

Product Details
Product NameSTP 78569 Super Concentrated Gas Treatment
PriceRs. 380/-
Dimension (L x W x H)5.77 x 3.68 x 19.96 cm
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