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Mux LED Bulb

Mux LED Bulb  Price in Pakistan
Mux LED Bulb
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  • Brand: Mux Life
  • Model: BEHR-2977


Wireless Remote Access:

Mux LED Bulb provides access to manage and control lights by using a smartphone connected to the internet.

No Hub Required:

Mux Smart LED Bulb works seamlessly with any Wi-Fi router. You don’t need a separate hub or paid subscription service, allowing you to easily control your appliances via mobile application

Fast and Easy Setup:

Mux devices are fast to install and easy to use. It connects to your home Wi-Fi in no time and it remotely controls appliances from a smartphone.

Voice Control:

Users can easily control appliances connected to your LED Bulb via voice control with the help of google assistant.


Users can easily set scenes by their application and with a single click you can manage multiple appliances through the Mux application.


Users can easily control and manage their appliances at a point in time just by creating an automation through your mobile application.


Mux allows you to control your appliance at any set time


  • Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Mux Life Application Android > 6 OR iOS > 10
  • Neutral wire required inside the Wall Mount

Product Details
Product NameMux LED Bulb
PriceRS, 3,700/-
Communication standardWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Internet usage<15kB per instruction
Power Consumption<0.3W
Rated Power 5/7/9/10 W
General Specification
AC input160-240V
Color RangeRGB 16 million colors
TypeLED Bulb

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