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Hyundai HGE100E ELCB 100-500mA

Hyundai HGE100E ELCB 100-500mA  Price in Pakistan
Hyundai HGE100E ELCB 100-500mA

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It is available to adapt various low voltage system protections such as ‘Discrimination’ and ‘Cascading’ with limit current characteristic and high breaking capacity.It is a low voltage system protection to selectively separate fault point from system to minimize influence of fault. In this protection type, only circuit breaker installed at a fault point is operated whilethe other feeder can be used continuously.In this protection type, upstream circuit breakers can be tripped earlier than downstream circuit breaker for back up protection. So, it is applied to the smaller breaking capacity than the calculated value at down stream circuit.


  • Service breaking capacity, Ics = 100 % Icu

  • Rated impulse withstand voltage, Uimp: 6 kV 

  • Prevent damage from reverse connection: It is possible to prevent circuit damage under reverse connection condition.

  • Prevent unnecessary malfunction on temporary leakage condition.

  • Adjustable residual current and cut-off time.

  • 3 Phase power supply system: Enables normal operation under one phase loss condition by adapting 3 phase power supply system.

  • Protecting an inverter load safely from ground fault by adapting IC filter.


Hyundai HGE100E ELCB 100-500mA

Product Details
Product NameHyundai HGE100E ELCB 100-500mA
PriceRs. 26,600/-
Breaking capacity16 KA ( 380-415V lcu / lcs )
Computers Specs
Rated Current16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75, 80, 100
Weight0.6/0.8/1.0 kg
Brand NameHyundai
Number of Poles4 Pole
Front connectionTerminal screw
Rear connectionHorizonta l/ Vertical
General Specification
Frame Rate100

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