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Hyundai HGM100E 3-Pole Standard MCCB Breaker

Hyundai HGM100E 3-Pole Standard MCCB Breaker  Price in Pakistan
Hyundai HGM100E 3-Pole Standard MCCB Breaker

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Over current characteristics of MCCB has been set to the ambient temperature 40 degrees celsius. If the ambient temperature is less or more than 40 degrees celsius, the overcurrent characteristics can be changed.

In order to ensure that circuit breaker's overcurrent meet the derating curve at the given ambient temperature, the rear current (Ir) should be adjusted. The temperature correction ratio for each MCCB is shown on the circuit breaker derating curve.

If the internal temperature of the MCCB is over 40 degrees, thermal damage to the insulating material inside the MCCB can occur causing the circuit breaker to trip at an early stage. When applying ambient temperatures at higher than 40 degrees celsius

Product Details
Product NameHyundai HGM100E 3-Pole Standard MCCB Breaker
PriceRs. 5,480/-
Breaking capacityIEC 60947-2(Icu≥Ics) @415V Icu/Ics : 16 KA/16KA
Ampere Range16, 20, 32, 40, 50, 63, 75 & 100 Amps
Rated Current100 A
Number of Poles3-poles
Insulation Voltage 750V
General Specification
Frame Rate100 (AF)
SeriesHG Series

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