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Hyundai HiTH40K Hi Series Overload Relays

Hyundai HiTH40K Hi Series Overload Relays   Price in Pakistan
Hyundai HiTH40K Hi Series Overload Relays


  • The HiTH series thermal overload relay compensates the ambient temperature automatically.

  • The compensation range is between -25 ℃ and +55 ℃.

  • The HiTH series has the phase unbalance protection device, which increases the reliability of the motor protection.

  • These relays are provided with the built-in free tripping mechanism, which can be triped regardless of the Reset Button position.

  • These relays have 1NO and 1NC aux. contact with the galvanic isolation.

  • The Protection cover for the main and control terminal meets IP 20.(HiTH 22, 40, 50 & 90)

  • The HiTH series is pin type relays, so it can be connected to the magnetic contactor directly. (HiTH 22, 40, 50 & 90)

  • Both screw and 35 mm Din rail mounting are available through the separate mounting units.

Product Details
Product NameHyundai HiTH40K Hi Series Overload Relays
PriceRs. 4,680/-
Altitudebelow 2000 m
Ambient Temperature20 ℃ (Standard), -25~40 ℃
Temperature Rangebelow 35 ℃
Range16 to 22 A 18 to 26 A
Relative Humidity45~85 % RH
General Specification
Contact typeHiMC 32 , HiMC 40
SeriesHi Series

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