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MQ-8 Hydrogen Gas Sensor

MQ-8 Hydrogen Gas Sensor
MQ-8 Hydrogen Gas Sensor
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  • Model: SEAS-20


This is a simple-to-use hydrogen gas sensor, suitable for sensing hydrogen concentrations in the air. The MQ-8 can detect hydrogen gas concentrations anywhere from 100-10000ppm. This sensor has a high sensitivity and fast response time. The sensor’s output is an analogue resistance. The drive circuit is very simple; all you need to do is power the heater coil with 5V, add a load resistance, and connect the output to an ADC.


  • Using high-quality dual-panel design, with power indicator and TTL signal output instructions.
  • The switching signal having a DO (TTL) output and analogue output AO.
  • TTL output valid signal is low. ( Low-level signal when the output light can directly connect to the microcontroller or relay module )
  • The higher the voltage, the concentration of the analogue output voltage is higher.
  • A hydrogen gas detection with good sensitivity.
  • There are four screw holes for easy positioning.
  • Has a long life and reliable stability
  • Rapid response and recovery characteristics

Operating Voltage 5
Current Consumption 150
Storage temperature -20°C-70°C
General Specification
Heater resistance 31±5%
Load resistance 10KΩ
Weight 7g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 cm
Interface Type Analog, Digital

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