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Hyundai N800S0100-3L-0061-5 Inverter 22KW / 30HP

Hyundai N800S0100-3L-0061-5 Inverter 22KW / 30HP
Hyundai N800S0100-3L-0061-5 Inverter 22KW / 30HP
Hyundai N800S0100-3L-0061-5 Inverter 22KW / 30HP
Hyundai N800S0100-3L-0061-5 Inverter 22KW / 30HP
Hyundai N800S0100-3L-0061-5 Inverter 22KW / 30HP


Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) N800-Series is part of HHI’s low voltage drive family which offers a wide power range at various voltages to cover a variety of applications from pump, fan, conveyor and compressor applications through to demanding machinery and marine solutions. To meet the varying requirements of its customers such as efficiency, accuracy and flexibility in your processes, HHI offers an advanced air-cooled low voltage drive for efficient motor control. HHI N800S AC drive comes packed with functionality and possibilities to bring any machine control to a completely new level. The compact size in combination with a wide power range is the base, but N800S’s possibilities do not end there. A built-in PLC functionality, which is one of the most flexible on the market, makes this product adapt to every task and bring cost savings to the user.

  • Cutting cycle times and maximizing the control performance of the drive.

  • Built-in RS485 interface offers a cost effective and simple serial control interface for the drive (200 V Class MR7, 400 V Class MR6 - 9 have Ethernet as a standard) With optional modules, N800S can be connected to almost any fieldbus system including CANopen, Devicenet and Profibus-DP

  • Easy access terminals, built-in DIN rail mounting and the MCA parameter copying tool which can clone settings without main power in the drive are all examples of features that help reduce start-up time

  • Built-in PLC Functionality Based on IEC 61131-3


Hyundai N800S0100-3L-0061-5 Inverter 22KW / 30HP

Motor Capacity 49 A / 69 A
Altitude 100 % load capacity (no derating) up to 1,000 m 1 % derating for each 100 m above 1,000 m; Max. 2,000 m
Ambient Temperature -10℃ (no frost) … +50℃: Rated loadability IN (1L-0009-2, 3L-0007-2, 3L-0011-2 and with options ENC-IN01-MIx ambient max. +40℃)
Frame size MI6
Torque Current 2 x IN for 2 secs in every 20 sec period / Torque depends on motor
Weight 20 Kg
Brand Name Hyundai
Output Frequency 0…320 Hz
Output Current Countinuous rated current IN at rated ambient temperature overload 1.5 x IN max. 1 min / 10 min (for MI Frame)1)
Control System Frequency control U / f, Open loop sensorless vector control
Supply Voltage 380 - 480 V 3-Phase
Frequency Resolution 0.01 Hz
Storage temperature -40℃ … +70℃
Switching frequency 1.5…16 kHz ; Factory default 4 kHz
General Specification
Power 22KW / 30HP
Series 3 Phase Series
Input Voltage 208…240 V, -15 % … +10 % 1-phase 208…240 V, -15 % … +10 % 3-phase 380…480 V, -15 % … +10 % 3-phase
Output Voltage 0…Uin
Dimension 195 x 557 x 229 mm
Input frequency 45…66 Hz

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