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Brand: BenQ Model: WBEN-20
OVERVIEW:Comfortable designed for both right-hand and left-hand users. The high profile design gives support to the user’s palm. ZA Series comes in three different sizes. Features:Ambidextrous mouse developed for palm and claw grip usageTwo thumb buttons on both sides to comfortably serve left-..
Rs. 10,120/-
Brand: BenQ Model: WBEN-36
OVERVIEW: Ergonomic design exclusively for right-handed users. It offers users a bigger room for wrist movements. The shape of the right side of the mouse is well rounded. It allows the user’s fingertips to hold/cover the mouse to move smoothly. EC-B Series with 3360 sensor comes in two sizes..
Rs. 12,650/-
Brand: Standard Instruments Model: STAS-34
OVERVIEW: Temperature taking has never been easier with the Non-Contact Thermometer. The Rycom provides convenience, accuracy and precision when taking a temperature. With the push of a button, Rycom instantly and accurately takes a person’s temperature without the need of any physical contac..
Rs. 12,000/-
Brand: Black and Decker Model: BLAR-42
OVERVIEW:Looking for a handy, easy-to-use grinding tool to keep at home? Buy Black+ Decker G650 4-Inch/100mm. The angle grinder offers smooth usage and faster result with its three position side handle, 650 watts powerful motor makes grinding and cutting operations run smoothly runs at 12000 rpm mak..
Rs. 10,800/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-53
OVERVIEW:BC-100WIFI2 80mm Direct Thermal Receipt Printer with WifiHigh printing speed (max 250mm/second)With auto cutter optionalPretty outside designWith USB, serial and wifi interface portFeatures:Wireless transmissionTransmission distance 100m/open field, 30m/easily through one concrete walls, 20..
Rs. 20,700/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-65
OVERVIEW:The BlackCopper BC-1050 is a 2D companion scanner in a compact design. It is lightweight and fits easily in your hand, making it the ideal companion scanner to bring along. It has real-time data transfer through USB.Features:A few highlights why the BC1050 is the perfect companion to scan w..
Rs. 44,000/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-48
OVERVIEW:Fast printing up to 90mm/sec for both text & graphicsSupport store logo download and print (bmp file)Support bar code printDrop-in paper loadingCompatible with Epson ESC/POSSupport 32bit/64bit WindowsSupport LinuxHandles max. 5760 thermal rollSmall and lightweight, beautiful shapeHigh p..
Rs. 8,270/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-43
OVERVIEW:Black Copper Barcode Scanner BC-8802 ™ is a single-line, hand-held laser scanner with a compact form factor perfect for retail applications. BC-8802 allows the user to easily target the desired barcode.Features:Housing material: ABS plastic.Simple installation, keyboard wedge, serial, wand ..
Rs. 15,180/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-52
OVERVIEW:High Throughput: 22 RPM (Receipts per Minute)Drop-In & Print” Paper LoadingAll Drivers and Software IncludedBC90AC Certified by Major Software HousesFeatures:Internal Power SupplyHigh Throughput: 22 RPM (Receipts per Minute)Plug & Play" USB or Ethernet DriversDrop-In & Print” Pa..
Rs. 25,300/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-13
OVERVIEW:BC-WZ6-B is an ideal metal gate detector for public safety to detect dangerous objects such as knives, firearms, explosives, etc. It is suitable for placement in areas requiring a higher degree of security such as airports, correctional institutions, factories. The gateway has 6 detection z..
Rs. 105,000/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-14
OVERVIEW:Government Departments:Police Station,Court ,Prison Public areas : Such as Airport,railway station Factories:electronics and hardware manufacturing enterprise Social events:Exhibition,Sport events) etc.Features:6 detecting zones.DSP and microprocessor controlledThe sensitivity of each zone ..
Rs. 0/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-22
OVERVIEW:This is a two outputs HDMI splitter, distributes the HDMI input into two identical outputs, these two outputs are synchronized. The splitter also has the ability of buffering and amplifying,Series connection of splitter achieves long distance and transmission of HDMI signal of more than ..
Rs. 3,750/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-18
OVERVIEW:Blackcopper The 1x4 HDMI Splitter 4 PortModel : HDMI -104 One HDMI 1.4 input signal split to four HDMI 1.4 sink devicesHDCP 1.2 protocol compliantSupport deep color 30bit, 36bitSupport HDMI1.4 completelySupport 3D..
Rs. 1,800/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-45
OVERVIEW:58mm pos printer support cash drawer drivingSupport networking printingSupport shared computersPos printer compatible with EPSON ESC/POSProduct Model BC-58UPrinting method line thermal..
Rs. 6,000/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-46
OVERVIEW:Black Copper mPOS-friendly BC-85AC is the industry’s leading POS thermal printer. It is fast, reliable, easy to configure and supports all the leading operating systems, It features fast printing up to 300mm/second. Features:Loading paper easy, waterproof, oil proof, ductproof.Printing..
Rs. 12,000/-
Brand: Black Copper Model: BLCR-02
OVERVIEW:Black Coppe Cordless / Wireless Barcode Scanner use radio frequencies similar to cordless phones to send scanned information back to a computer-attached base station...
Rs. 11,760/-
Brand: Bosch Model: BOSH-254
OVERVIEW:If you're tired of wasting a lot of time, water and energy every time you undertake domestic cleaning tasks, the Bosch Easy Aquatak 110 High-Pressure Washer is the best solution for your problems. It is portable and saves a lot of time when compared to manual cleaning. It comes equipped wit..
Rs. 42,490/-
Brand: Bosch Model: BOSH-81
OVERVIEW:Bosch GBM 1000 Electric Drill Machine: The fast and precise tool. Very high speed for small drilling diameters. Drill spindle fixed in bearing for high precision. Compact design and low weight for easier handling when drilling rows of holes.It has Easy slide switch for forward/reverse rotat..
Rs. 22,910/-
Brand: Bosch Model: BOSH-56
OVERVIEW:Bosch GWS 060 Professional Angle Grinder: Powerful and reliable tool for tradesman. High value for money. Powerful 670 W input power. Maximum safety – comes with burst proof Guards and 2-motion switchFeatures:High value-to-moneyMaximum safety - come with Burst Proof Guards and 2-motion swit..
Rs. 17,400/-
Brand: Chint Electric Model: CHIT-03
OVERVIEW:Explore find out latest Chint products & other electronic components at discounted price in Pakistan with free cash on delivery service across Pakistan. We are dealing Chint in Pakistan...
Rs. 1,000/-
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BenQ ZA13 Gaming Mouse Rs. 10,120/-
BenQ ZOWIE EC1-B-CSGO Gaming Mouse for E-Sports Rs. 12,650/-
BERRCOM Forehead Infrared Thermometer JXB-178 Rs. 12,000/-
Black & Decker G650 Angle Grinder Rs. 10,800/-
Black Copper BC-100WIFI2 Thermal Receipt Printer Rs. 20,700/-
Black Copper BC-1050 2D QR Barcode Scanner Rs. 44,000/-
Black Copper BC-5890 Thermal Receipt Printer Rs. 8,270/-
Black Copper BC-8802 Barcode Scanner Rs. 15,180/-
Black Copper BC-90AC Thermal Receipt Printer Rs. 25,300/-
Black Copper BC-WZ6-B Walk Through Gate Rs. 105,000/-
Black Copper HDMI Splitter 2 Port Rs. 3,750/-
Black Copper HDMI Splitter 4 Port Rs. 1,800/-
Black Copper Thermal Printer BC-58U Rs. 6,000/-
Black Copper Turbo Thermal Receipt Printer BC-85AC Rs. 12,000/-