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CNC Single Phase 2P 275V SPD

CNC Single Phase 2P 275V SPD  Price in Pakistan
CNC Single Phase 2P 275V SPD
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YCS6 C series Surge Protection Device is suitable for TT, IT, TN-S, TN-C and TN-C-S, the power supply system with the rated voltage up to 230/400V and AC 50/60Hz. It can work as the equipotential bonding when the lightning strike. Its design corresponds to IEC61643 1, GB18802.1 and GB50057. 
The product is mainly applied to protect the low voltage electric equipment and Prevent the surge causing by the thunder Or switching overvoltage. As a univoltage limiting device, YCS6-C is equipped with the heavy-duty Zinc Oxide piezoresistor. YCS6 C series (Protection level: II) Protection Device need to be installed on the up link of the equipment, connecting with outer conductor(L) or neutral conductor(N) and the earthing device. Users can install the YCS6 C in the boundary of LPZOA or LPZ1, usually in the incoming line low voltage main distribution box. 


Product Details
Product NameCNC Single Phase 2P 275V SPD
PriceRs. 3,360/-
Computers Specs
Rated Voltage275V 320V
Response Time< 25
Relative Humidity<95%
Discharge Current15A
General Specification
Operating Environment-40C to +85C

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