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Selco S6000.0010 SIGMA Control Module

Selco S6000.0010 SIGMA Control Module  Price in Pakistan
Selco S6000.0010 SIGMA Control Module
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  • Model: CPCB-O-19


SIGMA is an integrated generator protection and control system. The system is of high quality, is cost effective and easy to use.
The S6000 measures the voltages across all three phases as well as the current running through each phase. The voltage and current signals are digitally sampled by the built-in signal processor and converted to true RMS values. The S6000 will continuously do real-time calculations of voltage, current, frequency, active/reactive power, VA, power factor etc. The S6000 can connect to generators with or without neutral.


  • 3 Phase Measurement
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Load Protection
  • Reverse Power Protection
  • Excitation Loss Protection
  • Load Shedding (2 Levels)
  • 3 Analogue Outputs
  • RS485 MODBUS Slave
  • CAN BusRedundant Supply


Product Details
Product NameSelco S6000.0010 SIGMA Control Module
PriceRs. 0/-
General Specification
Weight1,150 g
DimensionsH 145 mm (5.7”) W 190 mm (7.5”) D 64.5 mm (2.5”)

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