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Circutor LM50-TCP+ Impulse Centralizer

Circutor LM50-TCP+ Impulse Centralizer  Price in Pakistan
Circutor LM50-TCP+ Impulse Centralizer
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  • Brand: CIRCUTOR
  • Model: PAFP-54


LM50-TCP+is a concentrator with 50 digital inputs, designed to concentrate the status of up to 50logic signals, or the number of impulses received at each of the inputs. Impulse centralizing unit, with up to 50 devices. The unit includes an RS-485 communications bus with a Modbus/ RTU protocol and also built-in TCP converter, which allows real-time control by communications. The unit is compatible with Power-Studio and Power-Studio SCADA control software.



  • It has two communications ports: RS-485 Port: It can be used to connect up to 31 CIRCUTOR units that can be monitored with the PowerStudio software. This port acts as a gateway from Ethernet to RS-485.
  • Ethernet 10Base / 100Base TX Port that can be used by the PowerStudio energy management software to carry out the read and write operations of the 50 inputs of the LM, and all other units in the RS-485 network
  • Reading any Impulse-emitting device (up to 50 units). These parameters are useful to generate receipts or define a price/unit cost.
  • Integration of other types of consumption, such as gas, water, etc. or simply used to control the energy consumption of 50 meters.
  • As an alarm control station: acting on the status of the unit's outputs, being able to define an alarm for a change in status.
  • The unit's outputs can be programmed to generate impulses or for remote control actions with the PowerStudio software.
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Product NameCircutor LM50-TCP+ Impulse Centralizer
PriceRs. 216,230/-

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