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OVERVIEW:Switch Board is a Wi-Fi enabled smart device, which allows you to control lights and multiple electronic appliances manually, via smartphone, and through voice control.Connect upto 3 devices:Devices such as lights, fans, and exhaust can be controlled by the switchboard.Voice Control:You can..
OVERVIEW:IR Remote is a Wi-Fi enabled smart device, which allows you to control IR remote controllable device such as TVs, ACs, Projectors, and Sound systems etc manually, via smartphone, and through voice control.Portability:Portable smart IR remote that can be connected anywhere at any time.Remote..
OVERVIEW:Wall Socket is a Wi-Fi enabled device. Any electronic appliance can be automated by plugging into the socket.Wireless Remote Access:Mux Smart Wall Socket allows users to control any electronic device by using a smartphone connected to the internet.No Hub Required:The Smart Wall Socket works..
OVERVIEW:Mux Dimmer is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device, which allows you to control the intensity of any filament bulb and fan speed via the Mux Life App.Touch Control:As a user you can control the fan speed or light intensity of any regular filament bulb by touch board (Manually).Wireless Remote Acces..
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