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Power House PCE 015-6 Plug

Power House PCE 015-6 Plug  Price in Pakistan
Power House PCE 015-6 Plug


Manufacturer                                                     PCE      

Type of connector                                           AC supply 3-phase         

Connector                                                           plug      

Kind of connector                                            male     

Current rating                                                    16A       

Rated voltage                                                    400V AC              

Standard                                                              IEC 60309            

IP rating                                                               IP44      

Type of pin configuration                             3P+N+PE            

Mechanical mounting                                    for cable             

Number of pins                                                      5             

Wire cross section                                           1...2.5mm2        

Electrical mounting                                          screw terminal 

Contact material                                               brass    

Connector series                                              Shark    

Cable external diameter                                  6...15mm

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Product NamePower House PCE 015-6 Plug
PriceRs. 820/-

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