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PROVA 6601 3 PF Power Clamp Meter Tester

PROVA 6601 3 PF Power Clamp Meter Tester  Price in Pakistan
PROVA 6601 3 PF Power Clamp Meter Tester
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  • Brand: TES
  • Model: MTCM-31


  • 3-phase (4W, 3W) and 1-phase (2W, 3W) power measurement
  • AC+DC true power: 0 ~ 1200KW (AC 600V, DC 800V, ACA/DCA 2000A)
  • AC+DC voltage (True RMS): 0 ~ 600V
  • AC+DC current (True RMS): 0 ~ 2000A
  • AC+DC 1200KW (1-phase), AC+DC 2000KW (3-phase)
  • Dual display V+Hz, A+V, W+PF, KVA+KVAR
  • PF for 3-phase (4W, 3W) and 1-phase (2W)
  • Frequency measurement
  • Memory of 4 records
  • AC/DC auto detection
  • Auto range
  • Jaw diameter: 55mm
  • Low battery indication


Product Details
Product NamePROVA 6601 3 PF Power Clamp Meter Tester
PriceRs. 88,000/-
Altitudeup to 2000M
Conductor sizeCable 55mm. (approx.) Bus Bar 65mm(D) x 24mm(W)
Frequency50/60 Hz 10 – 1000 Hz
Storage temperature20 ~ 60 (40 ~ 140)
General Specification
AC/DC Current0-200A 200-500A 500-2000A
AC/DC Voltage0-200V 200-500V 500-600V
Battery Type9 V
Energy Consumptionapprox. 25mA
Operating Humidityrelative less than 80%
Operating Temperature4 ~ 50
Screen2x4 Digits Dual LCD Display
Storage humidityrelative less than 75%
weight647g / 22.8 oz. (Batteries included)
Dimensions10.7 "(L) x 4.4" (W) x 18 "(H) 271mm (L) x 112mm (W) x 26.2mm (H)

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