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TES-1360A Humidity Temperature Meter

TES-1360A Humidity Temperature Meter
TES-1360A Humidity Temperature Meter
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  • Model: MTTH-10
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  • TES 1360A is designed for measurement of temperature, relative humidity.
  • Measured values are displayed on a three-line LCD display.
  • Meter compares all measured values (temperature, humidity, and dew point temperature) with two adjustable levels for each measured quantity. Breaking the level is indicated by blinking the proper values on display and by audio indication (switchable).
  • Meter is equipped with maximum and minimum memory functions.
  • Dual display
  • High resolution of 0.1% RH, 0.1℃ & 0.1℉.
  • Wide range of relative humidity and temperature measurement (℃ & ℉).
  • Dew point temperature compute
  • Data memory and read function (99 sets)


Product Details
Product NameTES-1360A Humidity Temperature Meter
PriceRs. 24,500/-
Resolution0.1% R.H. 0.1 ℃ , 0.1 ℉
Humidity10% to 95% R.H.
Power Source10mV DC/1 ℃ , 10mV DC/1 ℉
General Specification
Temperature-20 ℃ to +60 ℃ ; -4 o F to +140 ℉

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