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Sanwa AD-30-2 LCR Meter Adapter
Brand: SANWA
OVERVIEW:Length 1.8mLCR700, OPM35S, OPM-360, OPM37LAN..
Sanwa SE300 ENC-3 Contact Adapter
Out Of Stock
Brand: SANWA
OVERVIEW:Contact measurement attachment(Contact adapter, contact marker, and rim sped ring)Applicable model: SE300 Document:Sanwa SE300 PDF..
OVERVIEW:The XBee USB Adapter V2 is an update version from DFRobot. It features an Atmega8U2 programmed as a USB-to-serial converter, the same chip found on the Arduino Uno. The Atmega8U2 firmware uses the standard USB COM drivers, and no external driver is needed. However, on Windows, a .inf file i..
Brand: Ubiquiti
OVERVIEW:Ubiquiti PoE Adapters provide a variety of features to help protect your PoE devices:Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the leading cause for outdoor device failures. You can effectively protect against ESD damage using a grounded Ubiquiti PoE Adapter.Features:Surge protectionClamping protect..
Brand: UNI-T
OVERVIEW:This UNI-T Adapter UTD07A is a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. This UT-D07A best Bluetooth adapter for a multimeter is compatible with UNI-T UT71, UT171, UT181 devices. This wireless Bluetooth adapter supports iOS 5.0 and higher, you need to download the iDMM application. This best Bluetooth adapter..
Brand: SANWA
OVERVIEW:Overall Length (m)About 0.2 Application CompatibilityTL-21TL-21MTL-23TL-25TL-61TL-84TL-88TL-91MTL-91TL-60TL-95..
Brand: SANWA
OVERVIEW:Alligator clip(use with test leads by inserting pins into socket)Length 0.23m Applicable Test Leads:TL-21aTL-21MTL-23aTL-25aTL-61TL-84TL-91MTL-91TL-95 Document:Sanwa CL-14 pdf..
Brand: SANWA
OVERVIEW:Length 0.13m Applicable Model:HG561H Document:Sanwa CL-561 PDF..
OVERVIEW:esp8266 plate is ideal for accessing & using the GPIO pins of your ESP8266 Module.This Plate is compatible with ESP8266-07 ESP8266-08 ESP8266-12e ESP8266-12F ESP8266-12S2.54mm Pitch Breadboard friendlyEasy to solderNo need to connect an external resistor between VCC & chip enable..
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