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Jasco JCW 2000 Car Washer 1800 Watt

Jasco JCW 2000 Car Washer 1800 Watt  Price in Pakistan
Jasco JCW 2000 Car Washer 1800 Watt
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  • Brand: Jasco
  • Model: PSGS-81


This Genuine JASCO branded High Pressure Car Washer is a high level technology machine designed to clean faster and in an effective way with big saving of water. Compact & Portable ; Electric Motor Driven ; Ideal for Car Washing, Floor Cleaning, AC Service, etc.
JCW-2000-D - modern, bright, efficient and easy to use high-pressure washing. This is the best solution for daily cleaning of vehicles, building facades, garden paths and other facilities.
Despite its affordable price, washing delivers excellent performance indicators. It easily handles the most stubborn dirt and can easily withstand heavy loads while maintaining its original characteristics.
It can easily be connected to the water supply by means of conventional hose. Due to the high pressure of 140 bar and a power of 1800 W, the technique gives excellent performance. The water flow thus does not exceed 420 litres / hr.


  • 3 Axial-piston wobble-plate pump
  • Tempered stainless steel plungers
  • Total stop system
  • Self-resetting thermal cut-out
  • All accessories with quick-connect design
  • Portable design with wheels & long handle for easy movement

Product Details
Product NameJasco JCW 2000 Car Washer 1800 Watt
PriceRs. 19,000/-
Weight9 kg
General Specification
Max. Flow 7 litres/min (420 litres/hour)
Max. Pressure140 Bar
Motor Power1800 Watts
Motor ProtectionIPX5
Motor Speed2800 rpm
Motor TypeCarbon Brush Motor
Rated Flow6 litres/min (360 litres/hour)
Rated Pressure100 Bar

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