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KPS3010D DC Power Supply 30V 10A

KPS3010D DC Power Supply 30V 10A  Price in Pakistan
KPS3010D DC Power Supply 30V 10A
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  • Model: MTAM-00125


  • DC Power Supply Adjustable: 0-30 volts and 0-10 amp outputs; the Back-lit LED display accuracy: 0.1 V and 0.01A
  • Constant voltage and current operation mode (C.C and C.V. automatic conversion); Light weight with heavy Output
  • Intelligent temperature control with built-in thermo-sensor, effectively reduce noise and prolong the life of product
  • Multiple protections: limit current protection, thermal protection, voltage overload protection, short-circuit protection

Product Details
Product NameKPS3010D DC Power Supply 30V 10A
PriceRs. 16,500/-
Computers Specs
ColorLight Grey
Display Specification
Display Resolutionvoltage: 0.1V current 0.1A
Weight3.81 pounds
General Specification
Design styleClassical,low-key
Input power cordx 1
Output DC Current0V - 10A
Output power cordx 2
SecurityMultiple protections and FCC certified
Output VoltageDC 0-30V

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