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D-Link LAPC1200 Linksys Dual Band Poe

D-Link LAPC1200 Linksys Dual Band Poe  Price in Pakistan
D-Link LAPC1200 Linksys Dual Band Poe
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  • Brand: Linksys
  • Model: CNAP-57


The LAPC-1200 is an unusually large hexagon with obnoxiously bold LINKSYS branding in the center. It comes with a printed paper drilling template, which is pretty nice.

There's no configuration URL for an LAPC-1200; you'll need to find the AP's IP address by way of an nmap scan, dhcp logs, "attached devices" interface in your router, Fing or what have you in order to configure it. You also need to avoid connecting to the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz open SSIDs it provides in its factory condition. The manual makes no mention of this, but while a STA connected to one of these factory SSIDs can hit your LAN just fine, it can't hit the web UI for the AP itself—you'll need to be connected directly to the LAN, upstream of the AP, for that.

Product Details
Product NameD-Link LAPC1200 Linksys Dual Band Poe
PriceRs. 32,200/-
Weight0.5 kg
General Specification
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm

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