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Panasonic National Liquid Level Controller Electrocnic Type+

Panasonic National Liquid Level Controller Electrocnic Type+  Price in Pakistan
Panasonic National Liquid Level Controller Electrocnic Type+
  • Stock: Discontinued
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: ICLC-01

  • The Standard controller is to be used as 2-wire type, therefore connect the given 10K ohms resistor between the E1 and E2 terminals inside Probe Fitting PS-3R. Then make two wire connections,one each from E1 and E3 Electrode terminals in PS-3R to the control unit 21F-G
  • For using above controller for control of 3-phase motor please refer to the wiring diagram inside the cover of the control unit 21F-G
  • Use supply terminals S0 & S1 for 220VAC or S0 & S2 for 380/415V  50Hz inside control unit 21F-G.
  • For mounting Probe Fitting PS-3R make a hole of 54mm dia in tank or use a coupling of 54mm dia.
  • Cut the Electrode E1 as per your upper level control requirement before fitting.
  • Electrode E2 controls the lower level and the size may be cut if required.
  • Electrode E3 should always be longer than or equal to the Electrode E2.

Liquid Level Controller:

  • Standard Type : 220/380V 50Hz
  • With: Control Unit 21F-G
  • Probe Fitting PS-3R (with 10K ohms resistor) at Rs.3830/=each
  • 3 Pcs Electrodes (probe Rods)


  • Automatic Level Control of Elevated Tank or Drain Reservoir Suitable for Control of:
  • Single Phase 220V          50Hz Motor (Pump-Motor) OR
  • Three Phase  380/415V   50Hz Motor (Pump-Motor).

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Product NamePanasonic National Liquid Level Controller, Electrocnic Type+
PriceRs. 20,300/-

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