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Narada MPG12V200 VRLA 12V Gel Batteries

Narada MPG12V200 VRLA 12V Gel Batteries price in Paksitan
Narada MPG12V200 VRLA 12V Gel Batteries
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The MPG range VRLA batteries adopt flat plates with gel electrolyte and are designed with front terminal structure. The perfect design ensures MPG series battery the high reliability and makes the installation quite simple and safe when placed on a standard relay rack tray or in a closed cabinet. MPG range VRLA battery is designed with high energy density and suitable for 19",23" rack or cabinet, and also offers options of top connection and side of monoblocs connection. MPG range battery can be equipped with central gas collection system according to the requirement of customer.


Product Details
Product NameNarada MPG12V200 VRLA 12V Gel Batteries
PriceRs. 106,480/-
Nominal voltage12V
General Specification
MaterialContainer: ABS (V0 optional)
Operating TemperatureOperation(maximum): -40 to 50 -40 to 122 | Operation(recommended): 15 to 25 (59 to 77 )| Storage: -20 to 40 -4 to 104
Rated Capacity200Ah (10hour rate) to 1.80V/cell @25 C(77 F)
ResistanceInternal: About 3.0mΩ
TerminalABS (V0 optional)
VoltageFloat: 2.25V/cell@25 (77 )
WeightTypical: 67.0kg

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