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Epic Digital Door Lock N-Touch Black

Epic Digital Door Lock N-Touch Black  Price in Pakistan
Epic Digital Door Lock N-Touch Black


  • Defect-free, strong sturdy door lock with k & ks quality certification.
  • Strong & durable body components. Made to withstand heat and electrical shocks.
  • Automatic lock; relock; dual lock features. Designed to fit consumer¡¯s security needs conveniently.
  • Random number feature. During pin number authentication, before or after entering pin number add another 4 digits to distract original number sequence.
  • Multi-touch number feature. 3 random number will appear on the screen before the actual pin.
  • Multi password registration function. Password: you can register pin number easily. Guest password: one-time usage pin number for guest.
  • Auto cover authentication. The sensor cover opens and closes with just one touch for convenient authentication.
  • Adjustable volume setting with muting features. Sound can be adjusted in 7 levels depending on user¡¯s choice.
  • Highly visible white light button. Highly visible white light button for easy viewing even in dark places.
  • Emergency battery function (9v battery). When the battery is discharged, initialize the lock outside by using a 9v battery.
  • Anti-shock ; anti-fire ; anti-hacking system. Aside of anti-shock and anti-hacking feature, there is the anti-fire feature designed for internal safety, when the inside temperature rises above the normal temperature and the heat sensor detects this, it will sound-off a loud alarm and the door will automatically unlock.
  • Sub-type door lock. No handle type door lock.
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Product NameEpic Digital Door Lock N-Touch Black
PriceRs. 21,000/-

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