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Epic TS-EF-P8800K Digital Door Lock

Epic TS-EF-P8800K Digital Door Lock  Price in Pakistan
Epic TS-EF-P8800K Digital Door Lock


EPIC EF-P8800K Digital Door Lock​: Bluetooth + Fingerprint + Pin Number + RFID Card Authentication, With Mechanical Key.

  • Defect-free, strong sturdy door lock.
  • Strong & durable body components.
  • Automatic lock;relock;dual lock features.
  • Random number feature.
  • Multi-touch number feature.
  • Multi password registration function.
  • Auto cover authentication.
  • Adjustable volume setting with muting features.
  • Highly visible white light button.
  • Emergency battery function (9v battery).
  • Anti-shock; anti-fire; anti-hacking system.
  • Main type door lock
  • Easy to install
  • Guest Pin Number
  • Safe Register Feature
  • Up to 100 Fingerprint Registration
  • Up to 100 RFID Card Registration
  • One by One Fingerprint Deletion Feature
Product Details
Product NameEpic TS-EF-P8800K Digital Door Lock
PriceRs. 56,500/-

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