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Nokian 50 For 5th, 7th & higher Harmonic Filter Reactor

Nokian 50 For 5th, 7th & higher Harmonic Filter Reactor  Price in Pakistan
Nokian 50 For 5th, 7th & higher Harmonic Filter Reactor


Harmonic filters consist of capacitors connected in series with a reactor. The capacitors produce reactive power at the filter's fundamental frequency, and the circuit is designed to achieve the required power factor correction. the inductance of the reactor is chosen so that the filter forms a very low impedance series resonant circuit at the harmonic frequency. The ensures that a high proportion of the harmonics enter the filter. Harmonic Filter Reactors are used in the high level of harmonic distortion in facilities for compensating reactive power and protecting of capacitors. Harmonic Filter Reactors are manufactured as single-phase and three-phase. Harmonic Filter Reactors have 3 poles and 6 poles options. On the other hand,  reactors have aluminum and copper coil options.A typical harmonic filter consists of three series resonant circuits tuned to the most common harmonics (5th, 7th and 11th harmonics). The filters are housed in steel cubicles. Each consists of a contactor, thermal over-current relay, reactor and capacitors. The unit is generally connected to the fused feeders on the main distribution board. Harmonic filters can be operated in the same way as automatic capacitor banks: they are controlled by means of a power factor controller according to reactive power requirements. Harmonic filters are custom designed for each application using standard components. This ensures that the best possible power factor correction and filtering characteristics are achieved with a reasonable investment.

Product Details
Product NameNokian 50 For 5th, 7th & higher Harmonic Filter Reactor
PriceRs. 145,600/-
Voltage400/415V System Voltage.
General Specification
For(5th, 7th & Higher).
Phase3 Phase Reactors
TypeHarmonic Filter Reactor
Type For50 KVAR Capacitor.

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