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Relay Module 12V LDR Photoresistor Light Sensor

Relay Module 12V LDR Photoresistor Light Sensor
Relay Module 12V LDR Photoresistor Light Sensor
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  • Model: EBAR-S-21


This module is a three-way switch (COM, NO and NC) that uses the intensity of ambient light to directly control the output load.
Its adjustment potentiometer allows you to change the sensitivity and set the start threshold of the relay. The relay energizes when it is darker than the threshold.
The optical isolation relay effectively protects the chip and ensures better performance.
This module is used for light detection, brightness detection, lamp control and automatic equipment.


  • Apply photosensitive resistance to induct the intensity of the light, can directly control the load with attached relay module 
  • With a potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity, set the start relay thresholds 
  • Output type: Directly connect AC 220V 10A or DC30V 10A 
  • With 4pcs fixed screw holes, convenient to install 
  • PCB size: 5*2.6cm (L*W) 
  • Using wide voltage LM393 comparator

Insulation Yes
Size 5x2.6 cm
LED Indicators Green and Red
Supply Voltage 12VDC
General Specification
Relay activation current 100mA

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