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Vertiv Liebert GXT-MT PLUS 3000VA 2400W UPS

Vertiv Liebert GXT-MT PLUS 3000VA 2400W UPS  Price in Pakistan
Vertiv Liebert GXT-MT PLUS 3000VA 2400W UPS
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  • Brand: EMERSON
  • Model: PSUP-53


Liebert GXT-MT+ features a comprehensive specification, satisfies safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards, and offers intelligent monitoring and network management functions. Liebert GXT-MT+ satisfies your requirements for high reliability and high availability of the AC power supply.


  • Double conversion on-line technology
  • Compact tower design
  • Standard models and long backup models available
  • Extended runtime capabilities by building up additional battery resources
  • Flexible (site specific) battery configuration
  • Standard model comes with internal battery
  • Generator-compatible with wide input frequency range (40 to 70 Hz)
  • 0.8 output power factor
  • Class A electromagnetic interference (EMC)
  • Ultra wide input voltage range
  • High input power factor & low THDi
  • Emergency power off (EPO)
  • Configurable to energy saving mode (ECO)
  • LCD display for operational convenience and status / fault information
  • Multiple AC output interfaces via IEC standard sockets with Programmable output
  • Remote Monitoring is available through USB / RS232, and optional via dry contacts and SNMP


  • Small-size Data Center
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • VoIP
  • Small Offi ce Network
  • Computer Rooms
  • Process Automation Equipment
  • Network Storage Devices

Product Details
Product NameVertiv Liebert GXT-MT PLUS 3000VA 2400W UPS
PriceRs. 110,000/-
CapacityStorage : 3kVA
Weight28 Kg Std, 13 Kg Lb
Input Voltage230 Vac
Output Voltage220 / 230 / 240 Vac
Dimensions ( W x D x H )190 x 387 x 318 mm
Operating HumidityIn % (Approx) : 0-90% RH Non-Condensing
Operating TemperatureRange : 0-40 Deg C
General Specification
Battery TypeSMF
Frequency50-60 Hz
WaveformPure Sinewave

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