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Kotohira SB650S-K 650VA Line Interactive UPS

Kotohira SB650S-K 650VA Line Interactive UPS  Price in Pakistan
Kotohira SB650S-K 650VA Line Interactive UPS
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Kotohira
  • Model: SE-APC-13


  • Microprocessor control optimizes reliability
  • Stylish Cabinet With Led Indicator(s)
  • Buil in super smart charger
  • Fastest Charging Capacity
  • Auto Chargging at Off Mode
  • Auto restart Function
  • AVR Boost and Buck
  • Cold start function
  • Full-digitized control with comprehensive monitoring and protections
  • Multi-Level AVR function under utility mode to protect connecting devices/loads.
  • Compatible Applications/Loads
  • SB Series UPS can be used as office devices backup power, PCs, POS machine, SOHO, or other small security devices.
  • Host Machine Specification
  • UPS Structure Line-Interactive Structure
  • Protection Overload, Short-Circuit, Over-Temp, Utility Voltage High/Low; BAT Voltage High/low(Shutdown Protection)
  • Overload > 110% Alarm Shutdown
  • Surge/Short-Circuit Protection Input Fuses Protection(AC Mode),Circuit Auto Protection(BAT Mode)
  • Display LED Display, UPS Operational Status, BAT Fault, other faults.

Product Details
Product NameKotohira SB650S-K 650VA Line Interactive UPS
PriceRs. 7,000/-
General Specification
Input220Vac 50Hz
Output220Vac 50Hz
Overload 110% Alarm Shutdown

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