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Stabimatic ON-LINE-6000 UPS with batteries

Stabimatic ON-LINE-6000 UPS with batteries  Price in Pakistan
Stabimatic ON-LINE-6000 UPS with batteries


The ONL Series UPS is an advanced true on-line unintrruptible power system which is Intelligent Microprocessor Controlled.Generator Compatibility is one important advantage for certain Power Supply Condition and RS232 communication advanced design made it's Compatible for sophisticate monitoring software models for 3KVA and above are with better power security 'Redundant' feature and internal SNMP shot option.


  • Intelligent Microprocessor Controlled True On-Line
  • Providing no break protection for critical applications.
  • Double Conversion and Pure Sine Wave Form Output.
  • The Cleanest, Most Compatible AC Output for Computer Systems.
  • 50 Khz High Frequency Operation
  • Compact Size, Lighter Weight for decrease shipping Cost.
  • Near Unity Input Power Factor(>0.95)
  • Saving Input Current by 1/3
  • Superior Output Voltage Regulation.
  • Eleminating Unnecessary battery discharges
  • For Violent Voltage Fluctuations.
  • High Efficiency(>85%)
  • High Energy Efficiency Reducing Power Cost
  • LH Long Back-up Time Option
  • Plug-in external battery packs and internal charges.
  • RS 232 Interface and SNMP Solutions.
  • Available for most operating systems and novel environments.


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Product NameStabimatic ON-LINE-6000 UPS with batteries
PriceRs. 143,000/-

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