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PROVA 8000 Programmable Power Supply

PROVA 8000 Programmable Power Supply  Price in Pakistan
PROVA 8000 Programmable Power Supply
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  • Brand: TES
  • Model: MTAM-00101


• Over-Voltage,Over-Current Protection 

• Built-in Buzzer Alarm 

• Easy RECALL and STORE functions 

• Stby / Operate Button 

• English-like RS-232C commands 

• OCP With Programmable Timer 

• 200 Sets of Memory 

• AUTO-STEP function with programmable interval 

• Bi-direction RS-232C interface 

• 3.8 kg / 8.4 Lbs weight 

General Specification:

Ripple and Noise (0 ~ 40V, 0 ~ 5A)

<3mVrms (C.V.), typical 1mVrms

Ripple and Noise (0 ~ 40V, 0 ~ 5A)

<3mArms (C.C.), typical 1mArms

Ripple and Noise (5V/2A, 3.3V/3A)

10mVrms ~ 20mVrms, 10mArms ~20mArms

Temperature Coefficient

< 100ppm/

OCP Detection

Current A > 0.05A

C.V. or C.C. Detect and Display

Current > 0.05A

Power Source

115V (90V to 130V) or 230V (200V to 240V)


power cord x 1, users manual x 1


310mm x 250mm x 133 mm / 12.2" x 9.8" x 5.2"


3.8kg / 8.4lbs

Load Regulation


Line Regulation

No effect if line voltage falls within 90V to 130V for 115V nominal, 200V to 240V for 230V nominal.

Fixed 5V / 2A Accuracy

5V ± 0.25V

Fixed 3.3V / 3A Accuracy

3.3V ± 0.16v        



Voltage V (C.C.)

Product Details
Product NamePROVA 8000 Programmable Power Supply
PriceRs. 120,000/-

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