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SACI TA160P Split-Core Current Transformer Cable Type

SACI TA160P Split-Core Current Transformer Cable Type   Price in Pakistan
SACI TA160P Split-Core Current Transformer Cable Type
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  • Brand: SACI
  • Model: CPCB-A-683

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TA160P current transformers are made of high quality materials. The connecting terminals of the secondary winding are made of nickel-plated brass, each terminal has two screws (double terminals), which makes it easy to replace devices or perform other operations on the secondary winding without breaking the circuit.

The case, made of self-extinguishing plastic, has excellent resistance to mechanical and thermal loads. Magnetic plates with oriented grains of Fe-SI alloy, characterized by high permeability, are specifically recommended by the plate manufacturer for this type of current transformers.

Collapsible current transformers TA160P are made of plastic. Cases for current transformers TA160P are stamped as standard and almost always there is a certain quantity available at the SACI factory. Therefore, the manufacturing time for plastic transformers is small and amounts to 1-2 weeks in the presence of all components. The weight of collapsible current transformers made of plastic is much less than that of resin current transformers, which is important to consider when transporting and calculating logistics costs.


Product Details
Product NameSACI TA160P Split-Core Current Transformer Cable Type
PriceRs. 48,000/-
Ratio4000/5A | 5000/5A
Bus Bar160x80 mm
General Specification
AccuracyClass : 0,5 | 1 | 3
Cable Length Ø 80 mm
TypeSplit-Core Current Transformer Cable Type

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