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Stabimatic SLTR-30 3PH, 4Wire, AVR

Stabimatic SLTR-30 3PH, 4Wire, AVR   Price in Pakistan
Stabimatic SLTR-30 3PH, 4Wire, AVR


Microprocessor Based, High Precision Regulation,LCD Display, Digital Display Input Voltage,Digital Display Output Voltage,Digital Display Output Current, High Voltage Protection,Overload Protection, Output Short circuit Protection,Automatic Delay on System,DC Servo motor Control.


SLTR Series full automatic AC voltage Stablizer. It is the second generation product that was researched and developed by our company. It is controlled by CPU that was produced by well known company, with the advantages of CPU Protection of your precision equipment and high accuracy of output voltages.It's delay time can set and protect stablizer.High and Low voltage protection.Over current,Over temprature and Over load protection,mechanical fault and so on,the liquid crystal display,blue screen with background light.Interface dynamic display which can show the working state of the machine. The interface will give out relative prompting with various long, short warning sound if the machine runs abnormally.3 Phase 4 Wire Star connection (Single Phase Available )

Electromechanical AVR

The Electromechanical Automatic Voltage Regulator has Lower cost per KVA than for some other types of stablizers. Also it does not Modifying the voltage wave form.The Electromechanical AVR can supply any types loads having distorted current wave form without modify the voltage Wave form.The Electromechanical AVR can supply any type load as it is not sensitive from power factor and also its charachteristics dont't impare to verify itself from 0-100%. The speed of response of this type is faster than for some type of stablizers but is sufficiently fast for the majority of applications.Booster allows to utilize the full control range of the voltage regulator with only a fraction of the load current flowing in the brushes. The voltage regulator is driven by a D.C motor can be ON-OFF, if the error is large, or proportional if the error is small. The datas stated in the prospectus are suitable for a max 45oC ambient temprature.

Principle of Operation 

The SLTR Range of Voltage Stablizer employs a simple,but very effective principle to give a reliable and accurate solution to mains fluctuation control trough microprocessor. The secondary winding of a double wound transformer is connected in series between the supply and the load,whilst the primary winding has a varying voltage applied which is controlled by a motor driven variable transformer. The output voltage is monitored by an electronic control and microprocessor panel.If the stablized output voltage fluctuate from the set value, due to either supply voltage variation and change in load current, the microprocessor give single electronic control to energises the servo motor to rotate the variable transformer brush-gear untill the correct voltage is restored. The advantage in sensing at the output point is that changes in load current and automatically compensated.


The internal qualities of fast response and no distortion in SLTR Stablizer make them ideally suited to most applications, in particular broadcasting and telecommunication equipment, radar and navigational devices and general industrial use for process controll laboratory and test applications and computer installations. Complete telecommunication installation, CT Scane, Medical test equipments, hospital wings or central laboratorybuildings may be supported by the largest stablizers to ensure reliable and trouble free performance from all electrical and electronic equipment installed on the site.

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Product NameStabimatic SLTR-30 3PH, 4Wire, AVR
PriceRs. 146,500/-

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