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Russell Hobbs 24680 Horizon Hand Stand Mixer

Russell Hobbs 24680 Horizon Hand Stand Mixer price in Paksitan
Russell Hobbs 24680 Horizon Hand Stand Mixer
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  • Model: RUSS-90
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Rs. 16,080/-


Are you looking for a way to enjoy baking without your arm aching? Then you’ll love the Horizon Hand Stand Mixer that’s the perfect helping hand in the kitchen. Whether you want to use it as a standalone mixer or remove it to use it as a hand mixer, this versatile appliance can be used as both. You can be whipping, mixing or beating your way through a variety of ingredients with ease perfect for making a feast of flavoursome foods. In a classic ice white against a bold statement black, the Horizon Hand Stand Mixer is as striking in appearance as it is in performance and we’re certain it will be able to tackle whatever recipes are on the horizon.

5 Speeds Plus Turbo Function horizon:

Simply choose the speed you need to suit your mixture and enjoy whizzing away without any worries. And if you really have a need for speed you can also use the turbo function which is perfect for working into that really stubborn cake mixture or whipping up some cream with speed and ease.

Dual Function - Can Be Used As A Handmixer:

If you need a helping hand in the kitchen the Horizon Hand Stand Mixer is the perfect sous chef that’s ready to take care of the mixing and beating to spare you the arm ache. But for those recipes that only require a little helping hand the detachable hand mixer is perfect, instead of getting the whole product out.


  • You can whip, mix or knead various ingredients, easily preparing a range of tasty dishes. The classic combination of deep black and frosty white makes this mixer beautifully presented in every kitchen, and thanks to its functionality, you can easily defeat every recipe on the horizon.
  • Power: 350 W. 5 speed levels + Turbo. Tip release button. Stainless steel tips for whipping and kneading dough, dishwasher-safe.
  • The mixer can be disconnected and used independently. 3.5 liter stainless steel bowl with manual rotation.

Product Details
Product Name Russell Hobbs 24680 Horizon Hand Stand Mixer
Price Rs. 13,800/-
Power 350 watts
General Specification
Colour Grey, Black
Material Stainless Steel
Number of Speeds 5
Voltage 230v
Weight 2.08 kg
Dimensions 21 x 31.5 x 35 cm

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